More About Sarah


While I was at Gilead Chicago as the Student Pastor and Pastoral Intern, I had the opportunity to dive into preaching/sermon writing, as well as communion liturgy. Like many preachers, I found that preaching and writing communion liturgy allowed me to connect more deeply and intentionally with God. During my time at Gilead, I found myself planting roots in my relationship with God and these practices. Now that I have shifted vocational fields, I find myself having to nourish those roots through other expressions, such as writing and art. 

Finding a creative outlet to channel and continue to deepen my faith has been both challenging and at the same time very liberating. I have found myself being drawn to both the physical and written arts. I have found so much peace in bringing to life snippets of poetry written about my own life through painting.

Poem featured on Painting: "Your Wake" by Sarah DeHaan

"You left me in your wake. 

In the wake of your absence I find myself wishing that I was enough.

In your wake

I found myself struggling to get to the surface, gasping for air, 

Reaching for some sense of myself that got Lost in You." 

IMG_8795 2.HEIC

On top of painting, I have also been slowly working on curating a book of prayers (publication date TBD). Centered around a queer, mental health, mixed lens, this book consists of all the prayers I needed to hear growing up. Similar to a "read this when you're feeling..." vibe, my hope is that it will be a product that helps me to heal, and maybe aids in other's healing as well. 

Obviously stay tuned for more information on my upcoming book of prayers, but in the mean time, if you'd like to hear more of my work, feel free to check out any of the linked sermons from my time with
Gilead Chicago below.