More About Jordan

I am an artist, curator, and creative. I have found peace in the space of poetry, self-publishing the book Sunshine Woman back in the fall of 2020. This work was an initial touchstone in my process of deconstructing and re-imaging identity. In the fall to 2020, I started working as a hospital chaplain intern. Working in the hospital pre-vaccine and post-vaccine, I have used both visual art and written word to make sense of the irreversible damage the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. I have written two articles for Inheritance Magazine and continue to use writing to navigate and negotiate identity, work, and spirituality. I identify my work as a hospital chaplain to come from a soul care perspective. I understand myself to be more of a Unitarian Universalist and recovering ancient stories of pre-colonial deities in what we call the Philippines. Magwayen, one of the goddesses in the ancient creation narrative reigns over death and the sea, to shape my role as a chaplain and care provider. I am a soul ferrier. These aspects of my identity continue to grow and shape, and this is just the beginning. On top of writing and art, I also use food and cooking as another form of creating and art practice. Preparing meals for myself and for friends is deeply rooted in my ability to grieve and make space for joy. Feeding others is my primary love language, and I use food as a spiritual practice, giving thanks to the land and the ancestors that taught me these practices. Preparing meals reminds me to give thanks to the land and the sea for the gift of life. 

Below are pictures of just some of my works. These days I have been creating and curating. On top of school, I have been working as our Student Art Curator and have found curating to be a way for me to create space where others are encouraged to see themselves. If you would like to commission pieces, feel free to reach out. I am available for commissioning visual art and poetry upon request, and as I have the capacity to do so. 

Follow the links below to my book and articles:
Sunshine Woman
"Naming as Way-Finding"
"Walking the Path of Marigolds"