Our Mission 

Through open conversation and storytelling, the Mission of Mixed Kids Ministry is to reclaim the grey space of theology and the church. By leaning on each of our individual experiences and what’s at the root of that is equally as important as figuring out what’s in the middle and working on making it a better, more comfortable space. Part of our mission is to navigate existing between these complex identities and beyond as recognizing that in every mix, something new is created. 

Everyone has a space that reflects them; as Mixed Kids, we’ve never had a space that truly reflects us and our experiences. Mixed Kids Ministry is working to facilitate dialog amongst the community to recoup our space in theology and the church. In the fluidity of identity, we recognize that in no way will our racial identification be stagnant.  

We also recognize that in this work our perspective and experience only take us so far, which is why we rely on the experiences of others to help us further understand one another. By inviting a variety of voices to the conversation, we hope to cultivate a culture of support, rather than one of comparison.