Jordan Aspiras


Jordan is an interracial femme originally from California and identifies as a child of the diaspora. As an effort to separate who Jordan is from the work Jordan does -- Jordan IS a soul care provider, where she works as a hospital chaplain particularly in unexpected and traumatic end of life care. Whether that be through becoming a board certified chaplain, death doula, or something else -- Jordan works to remain separate and intertwined with who she is as a care provider and human.


Sarah DeHaan


Sarah is a queer, multiacial, Latiné originally from Michigan. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Family Studies from Western Michigan University. Currently working on her Masters of Divinity, Sarah is following a call to Clinical Chaplaincy. She also hopes to continue her education and receive her Death Doula Certification, as well as becoming a Board Certified Chaplain. Sarah has been working towards reconnecting with her cultural traditions surrounding life and death, and has found grounding in seeing that flourish in the clinical setting.